Bob Bly, author of 85+ books and the man McGraw-Hill calls “America’s top copywriter,” reveals ….

How to Use Infographics to Drive Traffic from Instagram and Pinterest to Your Web Site for Pennies on the Dollar!

Discover 3 powerful graphic formats – infographics, tipographics, and quotagraphs – that get immediate views and click-throughs on Instagram and Pinterest --- generating steady traffic to your sites at a fraction of the cost of banner, text, e-mail, Facebook, and pay per click ads.

Dear Internet Marketer:

What’s hotter in Internet marketing today -- words or images?

Answer: Images – both still and moving images.

Did you know, for example that…

** Consumer recall of ads on Instagram is 2.8 times higher than for other online advertising.

** Instagram’s ad revenue will reach $2.81 billion – including $595 million from mobile ads -- by 2017.

** The brain processes visuals 6,000 times faster than text, and people retain 80% of what they see but only 20% of what they read.

** Visual content is 40 times more likely to be shared on social networks and garners 94% more total views than text-only content.

** Google searches for infographics have increased 25 times in the past 5 years.

** This year, nearly half of all U.S. companies with 100 employees or more will use Instagram for marketing.

Most of us have heard of Instagram and Pinterest, and maybe gone on the sites and admired all the pretty graphics contributed by users.

But few of us know how to create effective infographics -- and post them on Instagram and Pinterest in such a way that they generate a steady flow of low-cost traffic to your landing pages or web site –

--traffic that can be converted to new subscribers for your list or even better, buyers for your products – as these Instagram experts have:

  • Food52, a cooking site launched in 2009, now has an impressive one million Instagram followers. It recently quadrupled its Instagram followers in less than a year with chocolate chip recipes and cocktail how-to videos.
  • Gary Vaynerchuk has mastered multiple media channels including Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter, where he has over a million followers. He says social media gives him leverage to make more money from his public speaking gigs, book sales, and TV spots. Using social media, he turned a family wine store into a $60 million business.
  • Marysia Mociocha, a travel writer who does both books and blogs, loves Instagram, “not only because of the beauty of the world you can observe in every picture but mainly because of great community of Instagrammers.”
  • Dr. Joseph Mercola, who sells health information and dietary supplements online, has 16 Pinterest boards, 1,200 pins, and over 19,000 followers. Integrating Pinterest into his overall Internet marketing strategy, he generates annual sales estimated to be in the millions of dollars.

Turbocharge your social media marketing on Instagram and Pinterest with infographics.

In our brand new e-book, Selling with Infographics on Instagram and Pinterest, you’ll discover how to use the two most popular graphic social media sites to take your online leads, list, and sales to the next level. Including:

  • Why some Instagram posts are 30 times more likely to be read than text articles. Page 3
  • How to create 2 of the most popular graphics used on Instagram – tipographics and quote graphics. Starts on page 4. Much quicker, easier, and cheaper than infographics.
  • How infographics help more people find you on Google. Page 10.
  • How much buying power does the average Instagram user possess? Page 11.
  • 8 Pinterest statistics that marketers can’t ignore. Page 12.
  • Don’t have a product yet? Start selling on Instagram right away with these proven affiliate marketing programs. Page 13.
  • Best times of day to post on Instagram … Facebook … Twitter … blogs … and other social media. Page 17.
  • Tips for preventing Instagram and Pinterest from shutting down your account for violations of their rules. Page 18.
  • 3 ways to create share-worthy infographics. Page 20.
  • 6 online resources for finding great quotes to use when creating your own quote-a-graphics. Page 21.
  • 10 simple steps for designing your own infographics. Page 22. Plus: best fonts to use online. Page 23.
  • Using online infographic design programs. Page 27.
  • 7 tips for outsourcing design of your infographics. Page 29.
  • 5 ways to make your social media marketing more manageable. Page 31.
  • 7 best blogging platforms. Page 33. Plus: Ideal word length for blog posts. Page 40.
  • How to incorporate infographics into your blog posts. Page 37.
  • 8 rules for generating excitement and involvement on Pinterest with contest pins. Page 48.
  • How to get registered on Pinterest and optimize your Pinterest profile. Page 54. Plus: how to set up your initial boards. Page 56.
  • What topics are most popular with Pinterest users? Page 58.
  • 7 Pinterest rules of etiquette: ignore them at your peril. Page 60.
  • How to use links on Pinterest to drive traffic to your web site or landing page. Page 61.
  • Easy ways to pin and re-pin Pinterest visuals – and why you want to do so. Page 63.
  • How to pin images from a web site. Page 64.
  • Uploading images from your computer and posting them on one of your Pinterest boards. Page 67.
  • An easy trick for quadrupling the re-pins you get from each of your Pinterest pins. Page 70.
  • How to attract a loyal following on Pinterest with “lifestyle” boards. Page 71.
  • How to get more people to view your infographics with promoted and rich pins. Page 72. Plus: the 6 most popular types of rich pins available. Page 75.
  • Should you have separate business and personal accounts on Pinterest? Page 73.
  • 18 more tips for maximizing marketing results from Pinterest. Page 77.
  • How to get started on Instagram plus 19 tips for building the perfect Instagram Profile. Page 88.
  • How to use Instagram links and hashtags for reaching a bigger audience. Page 91.
  • 35 rules of behavior you must follow – and tips you should follow -- when posting on Instagram. Page 94.
  • More resources of value for Instagram and Pinterest marketers. Pages 107 - 123.
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If it doesn’t, then it won’t cost you a penny. Here’s why….

Our 100% iron-clad guarantee of satisfaction

I totally guarantee your satisfaction with this unique guide to generating affordable, high-quality traffic by posting infographics, tipographics, and quote-a-graphics on Instagram and Pinterest.

In fact, the program can pay back its cost more than 10 times over the very first time you use it to improve traffic flow to just one of your landing pages or web sites.

Even better, if you aren’t convinced that Selling with Infographics on Instagram and Pinterest is the most profitable investment you’ve made in your Internet marketing business this year….

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Robert W. Bly, Director
CTC Publishing

P.S. Once you put the methods in Selling with Infographics on Instagram and Pinterest to work – and the clicks come flooding in – you need to convert those folks into either leads or orders.

And that’s why our Infographics e-book comes with a special and valuable gift to help you convert your traffic into leads, subscribers, and customers—a free copy of our 54-page e-book, Create Killer Landing Pages (value: $49).

In the Create Killer Landing Pages e-book, you’ll find:

  • Why social networking, viral marketing, online video, and other “hot” Internet marketing techniques don’t make money unless you drive all that traffic to a landing page. Page 4.
  • Building instant credibility with an above-the-headline testimonial. Page 27.
  • A sure-fire method for doubling your online revenues – without driving any more traffic to your Web site or building your e-list. Page 5.
  • A little-known writing trick that can turn a ho-hum landing page into a winner. Page 28.
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  • Use the Principle of Online Connectivity to maximize conversion rates from pay-per-click advertising and organic search traffic. Page 9.
  • Increase traffic to your landing page by offering an online “freemium.” Page 33.
  • What works best for landing pages – long copy or short? The answer may surprise you. Page 11.
  • Proving sales points with graphs and charts. Plus: why prospects believe pictures even if they don’t fully understand them. Page 36.
  • Measuring key landing page metrics – click-through rates and conversions: what to expect. Page 13.
  • The most powerful graphic to use in your landing page banner if you are a university, association, or institution. Page 38.
  • Increase landing page conversion rates and e-mail capture with auto-responders. Page 16.
  • Add thousands of new subscribers to your e-list with a “free-on-free squeeze page.” Page 39.
  • How a simple change in color on the landing page design boosted conversion rates up to 27%. Page 17.
  • 10 rules for writing winning landing pages. Page 42.
  • How to overcome skepticism right up front with a “credibility pre-head” in your landing page copy. Page 19.
  • Frequently asked landing page questions – and one good answer to each. Page 43.
  • More tips for increasing conversion rates on your landing pages. Page 50.
  • The 3 buttons you must have at the top of every landing page – and the purpose for each. Page 20.
  • How to capture the e-mail addresses of landing page visitors who leave your page without buying the product. Page 51.
  • Determining the optimum number of testimonials for landing pages. Page 21.
  • The most powerful technique for writing strong leads in landing page copy. Page 52.
  • Boost online revenues with content sidebars, guarantees, and bonuses. Page 22.
  • Why you should periodically update your landing page to reflect changing conditions in the marketplace or your industry. Page 53.
  • How to generate more orders online with simple landing page element tests. Page 24.
  • What to say in your landing page headline when you are selling a product the competition doesn’t offer. Page 26.
  • And so much more….

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